Wilson Audio System WATT 5 & ENTEC L2f20 Pair Speaker SOLD


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Very Good Condition Wilson Audio System WATT 5 & ENTEC L2f20 Pair Speaker. AMAZING.

Speaker with grill, network, connection cable.
The exterior has some scratches etc. due to trial use,

WILSON AUDIO CUB and ENTEC system.  ENTEC L2f20  is the only woofer system that controls LOW with a sense of speed. The crossover can switch the phase with the main unit and adjust the gain in 4 positions from 60Hz to 180Hz.

What is worrisome is that the sound that combines these two is a delicate, deeply carved and accurate sound. The low range can be crisp and voluminous. WATT5 alone can be used in full range. The way the sound is presented is very different.

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