Westrex RA-1554B Tube Line Amplifier


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Westrex RA-1554B Used Prices US$ 2380
The operation has been confirmed.
There is a slight noise on one channel.
The internal configuration is
Attenuator: TECH LAB PK-3 22 x 2
Input transformer: Westrex P-901 20 × 2
Output transformer: Westrex P-901 21 × 2

Vacuum tube
GE 12AY7 × 2
RCA 12BH7A x 2
Western Electric 412A x 1

In addition, Western Electric oil condenser 287A etc. is used.
The exterior has no noticeable scratches or stains, except that the top plate has some scratches.
As for the internal parts, you can see the feeling of use of the model year.


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