Westlake Audio BBSM-15 Speaker with stand Great Sound Conditions

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Comes with stand, cable jumper. Sound output has been confirmed.
The exterior is the rear terminal on one side. The plastic frame is broken in one place.
There is one large scratch on the top plate on one side. Other than that, there is a feeling of use such as small scratches due to aging,
There are no noticeable scratches. The edges have been replaced with chamois leather.

The Westlake Audio BBSM-15 Series is a 3-way, medium power, phase coherent monitor with an internal high level crossover. It incorporates a horn loaded high frequency driver, which is capable of reproducing high SPL’s while maintaining linear resolution, and low I.M. distortion for which the smaller BBSM series has long been recognized. Designed for soffit mounting the BBSM-15 can also be used in a freestanding application with optional pedestal stands. Other options include an enhanced performance woofer package and removable grilles.

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SPECIFICATIONS Westlake Audio BBSM-15 Large Main Monitor

Woofer 2 x 15″
Midrange 1 x 10″
Tweeter 1 x 1″
Frequency Response ( +/- 3dB ) 38Hz-20kHz
Power IEC Short/Long 200W/600W
Sensitivity @ 1m/2.83V 98dB
Crossover Frequency 350Hz/1.6kHz
Impedance Nominal/Minimum 4/2
Inputs Heavy Duty Barrier Strip
Dimensions: H x W x D (ins.) 27.25 x 41 x 25
Dimensions: H x W x D (cms.) 69.2 x 104 x 63.5
Weight:  Kg. 375 + Stand /unit
Finish Black Utility Paint


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