Victor SX-9000 Used For Sale good working Conditions

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Victor SX-9000 Pair Used Comes with  instruction manual, and a jumper.

Sound output has been confirmed. As for the exterior, the plating of each unit becomes dull over time.
The tweeter has some dark spots. There is a curl on a part of the veneer, and it has been partially repaired.
Deterioration over time can be seen, but if you consider the age.
I think it’s in good condition.

A floor-type speaker system developed as a flagship model of JVC speakers.
The 22cm oblicorn type Woofer is carried in the low-pass.
The Kurtmueller cone is adopted as the diaphragm of this unit, and the resonance is dispersed by the oblicorn structure which arranges a drive point off-center, and the smooth characteristic is realized.
The 14.5cm oblicorn type squawker is carried in the mid range.
Like the Woofer, the oblicorn structure which arranges the drive point in an off-center is adopted, and the characteristic of a midrange is improved by the gold playing metal diaphragm.
The 1.9cm dome shape tweeter is carried in the high region.
The pure gold plating aluminum dome is adopted as a diaphragm, and the natural overtone and the ultrasonic band reproduction are realized.
Victor’s original alnico magnetic circuit is adopted as the magnetic circuit of all units.

Method 3-way, 3-speaker, bass reflex method, floor type
Unit for low frequency range: 22 cm oblicorn type
For mid range: 14.5 cm oblicorn type
For high frequencies: 1.9 cm dome shape
Rated impedance 4Ω
Rated input (JIS) 45W
Maximum input (EIAJ) 180W
Frequency characteristics 30Hz-80kHz
Crossover frequency 320Hz, 6.5kHz
Output sound pressure level 89dB / W / m
External dimensions Width 322 x Height 1,071 x Depth 395 mm
Weight 45kg

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