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SONY CDP-R10 + DAS-R10 CD Transport DA Converter


SONY CDP-R10 + DAS-R10 CD Transport D/A Converter Used Prices US$ 4000
comes with instruction manual x 2, remote control x 2, power cable,
3P conversion terminal x 2, twin link cable, BNC cable, AES cable, RCA cable (pair),
Balanced cable (pair), lock screw x 3
* There is only one power cable. With CDP-R10 (CD transport),
It will be sold as a set of DAS-R10 (D / A converter).
The operation has been confirmed.

There are some scratches on the top plate of the exterior,
There were no other noticeable scratches or stains.

CDP-R10 is a model with a transport lock mechanism.
We will ship it in a locked state, so please unlock it before using it.


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