Pioneer Exclusive P3a Turntable


VINTAGE Pioneer Exclusive P3a Turntable.

The product is the main body, straight arm, S-shaped arm,Repair slip, special oil (new unopened),
Because the lead wire inside the tone arm was broken.

It has been repaired by the manufacturer. At that time, please treat the following items. The result was that the comprehensive operation test was also good.
・ Lead wire replacement
・ Pipe contact base repair
・ Dump silicon grease Organic solvent cleaning
・ Needle pressure application mechanism operation check Sound has been output and operation has been confirmed.

When checking the rotation with the stroboscope,
Although it was a little, it was in a state of flowing in the forward direction.
However, I think that it is almost incomprehensible to the auditory sense.

On the exterior, small scratches can be seen on the platter.
You can see peeling on the veneer at the bottom of the back.

Because it is a vintage Pioneer Exclusive P3a, it has a feeling of use over time,
Other than the above, there are no extremely noticeable scratches or stains.
Considering the age, I think it falls into a relatively beautiful category.

The genuine transport lock screw is out of stock.
When transporting, use the screws prepared by us.
We will lock it and ship it. Please unlock it before use.

Please contact us for any questions about this Pioneer Exclusive P3a.


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