ORACLE CD1500 MK II For Sale Clean Sound


ORACLE CD1500 MK II For Sale Used Prices US$ 2740


Very good condition The exterior is in good condition with no noticeable scratches. Comes with power cable, remote control, Instruction manual, original box, dedicated power supply, power supply cord.

The Oracle CD 1500 Mk.II has considerable strengths: its excellent bass reproduction, dynamic drive, and imaging. However, I felt it was ruthlessly revealing, particularly with poor recordings. I’ll make a wild guess and suggest that it’s a player to consider for classical and rock music, and polite speakers and/or absorptive rooms.

Until you’ve heard it, try not to look too closely at the CD 1500 Mk.II — its appearance is so striking that you’ll be tempted to buy it off the showroom floor without first taking it for a test drive. But, as with any component, that test drive, with your music in your system, is highly recommended. Only in those circumstances will you be able to hear if this — or any — player is for you or not.

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