MICRO SX-8000 II Used Prices US$ 11400
The products are SX-8000 II (turntable unit), RY-5500 II (motor unit),
AX-10G (arm mount), RY-1110 (air pump), BA-600 (audio base),
Accessories, each original box.
Accessories include instruction manual, inflator for BA-600, drive belt case,
Carrying handle for platter, plate for rotation measurement, BA-600 damaged screw, etc.
All the things in the picture.

Some of the cloth around the hose of the inflator for BA-600 is frayed,
There is no problem in using it.

About the operation.
It will take some time for the turntable to stabilize.
33 rotations: about 20 seconds
45 rotations: about 30 seconds
78 rotations: about 120 seconds

RY-1110 (air pump) is operating normally,
The rubber on the top plate of the platter is warping a little,
When the disc is placed and sucked, the rubber on the outside gets caught inside the disc.

BA-600 has three damaged screws for inserting the rubber tube.
Therefore, floating is not working,
There is no particular problem with using it as an audio base.
Damaged screws will be attached as accessories.

There were no particular problems with other behaviors.

As for the exterior, there are some small scratches on the AX-10G (arm mount).
There are some scratches on the xylem of BA-600.
In addition, traces of insulators can be seen on the top plate of RY-1110.

There is a feeling of use over time, but
Considering the age, I think it is in a relatively beautiful state.
(See image)

* RY-1110 will be shipped after being locked with a special transport lock screw.

SX-8000 II
Type Air bearing method, with record suction device
Turntable made of stainless steel
Frame made of zinc 35kg
Total weight 63kg
External dimensions 312 (w) x312 (D) x156 (H) mm

RY-5500 II
Motor used Class 8 hysteresis synchronous motor
Motor drive system CR oscillator, BTL amplifier drive
Rotation speed 33 1/3 ・ 45r.p.m. Switching (fine adjustment possible) ± 4%, 78r.p.m. (Pulley switching)
Motor drive voltage 100V at startup, 50V automatic switching after 15 seconds

Power supply 230V
Power consumption 27 watts (at startup), 10 watts (at steady time)
External shape 180 (W) x312 (D) x136 (H) mm
Weight 14kg

Corresponding arm for both short and long
Fixing method 4-point tightening
Weight 5kg

Type Floating type, air insulator
Natural frequency 4.5Hz
Mounting surface dimensions 600x300mm
Load applicable range 30kg-130kg
External dimensions 600 (W) x400 (D) x82 (H) mm
Total weight 50kg


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