MICRO SX-1500FVG Used Prices US$ 2800
MICRO SX-1500FVG SB-815 AX-1G RMG-212i 8N-TSW100.
The products are RB-1500 (base frame), RY-1500D (motor unit),
RP-1110 (pump unit), SB-815 (solid base), spikes, spike receivers,
AX-1G (arm base), ortofon RMG-212i (tone arm),
SF belt, carrying handle, hexagon wrench, stroboscope.
There are also instruction manuals for the 1500 series, MK-91FVG and SB-815, respectively.

On the SB-815 solid base,
The size without the pump is as follows, although it is measured manually.
The width and depth are W600mm x D340mm.
The height is H45mm for the base top plate, H185mm for the platter top plate,
The best of Tone Arm

The operation has been confirmed.
Each rotation speed is stable, and the belt can still be used.
There is no problem with floating and I do not feel much deterioration of the tube.

The exterior is painted off on the switch button of the motor unit,
One fixing pin for the dust cover of the motor unit is missing.
In addition, there is discoloration on the gunmetal part, but it can not be helped considering the number of years passed.
I get the impression that it was used very carefully without any noticeable scratches.

Packing is done separately and safely.
This time, detailed assembly instructions will be attached, so
Even if you are a first-time user, you can assemble it without any problems.


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