MICRO SX-111FV RP-1110 Turntable


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MICRO SX-111FV RP-1110 Used Turntable
The product is the main body, power cable, and air pump unit (RP-1110).

The operation has been confirmed.
For this exhibition, we repaired the air pump unit and maintained the main body.

As for the exterior, there is a repair mark where the front of the cabinet cover is cracked in one place.
There is a line scratch on the front of the cabinet.
There is dirt on the turntable due to use.

MICRO SX-111FV Product Specifications
External dimensions Body width 532 mm x height 230 mm x depth 440 mm, air pump unit width 200 mm x height 220 mm x depth 360 mm
Weight 27.0kg, 6.3kg


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