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Mcintosh MCD1100 SACD /CD Player


Used Prices US$ 4000
Mcintosh MCD1100 SACD /CD Player comes with remote controller, instruction manual, power cable, and original box.
The operation has been confirmed.
It was used as an exhibit, with no visible scratches or stains.
It is in a very beautiful state.

McIntosh MCD1100 CD SACD with digital preamp.
Fully Balanced in Analog Output and Internal D-to-A Conversion
Four 32 Bit/192kHz, PCM/ DSD Digital Audio Converters
USB Audio Digital Input Accepts Data Rates Up to 32-Bit/192kH
Both Stereo Balanced and Unbalanced Analog Outputs
Built-In Headphone Amplifier
Shipping weight: 45 lbs.

The McIntosh MCD-1100 is their new Reference CD/SACD player that considerably expands upon the performance of all sources of digital music. Its silky smooth transport is constructed from a rigid die-cast mechanism base with an aluminum cast tray that delivers quiet operation, and precise handling of your discs for long operational life. The Digital to Analog converters, or DACS, are the new ESS Sabre Reference 32 bit. The way the DAC’s are configured are unique; there are four DAC’s per channel and eight in total, in a Stereo Quad Balanced design, which allows you to experience the most subtle details in your music that you may have never heard before.

The McIntosh MCD-1100 utilizes Dual-Laser scanning for optimum reading of all the information on the disc, unlike other CD players that will resort to its error correction. When using error correction, the player is making an “educated guess” on what is being read by its laser from the CD. With the McIntosh MCD-1100 you get only the actual musical performance, not a “guess”, so you will hear every note that was recorded, not just “most” of it!


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