Mcintosh MC75 Pair Power Amplifier


USed Prices US$ 2200
Mcintosh MC75 Pair Power Amplifier
The product is only the main body (pair).
It is 117V
It is in very good condition.
The operation has been confirmed.
The power cables have been replaced on both sides.
Also, some capacitors and sockets,
The input pin plug etc. have also been replaced.
The volume will be the original one,
Some gully remains.
On-board vacuum tube
6550 x 2 (GE on both sides)
12AZ7 (SYLVANIA on both sides)
12BH7A (GE on both sides)
12AU7A (GE on both sides)
12AX7 (one side TELEFUNKEN unknown on the other side)

* 12 AZ7 has different print colors on the left and right.
The print has disappeared on one side, and the exact model number is unknown.

The exterior has a yearly feel, rust on metal parts, Kusumi,
Dirt can be seen throughout.


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