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Very good condition Operation has been confirmed. There are no noticeable scratches or damage.
The meter operation is also good. The exterior has some usability as a whole,

The MC2000 New Millennium Edition Tube Power Amplifieris the crowning achievement of legendary McIntosh designerSidney Corderman. Responsible for some of the world’s greatesttube amplifiers, Mr. Corderman has saved his best for last.Equal parts new and venerable technology, the MC2000 com-memorates the 50thanniversary of McIntosh Laboratory.

Behind its stunning facade, rich materials, and meticulous engineeringis a powerful dual monoblock amplifier that delivers 130 wattsper channel with extremely low distortion.

Every detail – the ceramic tube sockets with air-pipe cooling,the polyester capacitors, the “kid gloves” that protect the hand-rubbed gold finish – contributes to an ownership experience notlikely to be surpassed. A small plaque on the amplifier pays tribute to Mr. Corderman.

McIntosh products will forever be distinguished by a completenessof design, implementation, and craftsmanship rivaled by no others.

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