Maxonic TW-7000 DS701 Driver Great Cond Rare


Maxonic TW-7000 DS701  Used for sale Prices US$ 2800.

Excellent conditions. Comes with pair speaker cable.
The installed unit is DS701.
There is no dedicated power supply EX-101.
The dedicated power supplies that can be used with the current product are EX-102 and EX-103.

Since sound output without power supply connection may cause malfunction,
We have not checked the sound output.

The exterior has scratches and repair marks associated with use.

External dimensions
Width 600mm x Height 1160mm x Depth 400mm
* Height including casters
* Since it is an old product, it is sold as is without warranty.
* The above explanation is the state confirmed at the time of sale. Even if it is different from the explanation, it is given priority to the present condition.

Specifications : https://maxonic.src-el-main.com/eng/products/speaker/
More used maxonic : https://www.dealhomeaudio.com/?s=maxonic


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