Mark Levinson No.26SL Preamplifier No.25L with phono

Mark Levinson No.26SL Preamplifier No.25L with phono Used Prices US$ 4400
The product is the main body, power supply (PLS-226L), phono equalizer No.25L (MC specification),
Power cable, supply cable x 2, Remo / RCA conversion plug x 4.
It will be a model equipped with a late specification RCA terminal.
No.25L is a remo terminal.
The resistance value can be changed with the internal DIP switch.
At the time of shipment, it will be set to 100Ω.
The operation has been confirmed.
Each input and phono equalizer worked without any problem.

NO.26SL has a balanced specification,
I / O has been confirmed with a balanced cable.
It has been confirmed with each other RCA input.

There was a slight switch noise on the phase inversion switch.
Other knobs are in a state where there is no gully.

The exterior is in a relatively clean state with a slight usability.


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