Mark Levinson No.512 CD SACD


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Mark Levinson No 512 CD/SACD Player with comes with remote control, power cable, instruction manual, Gloves and original box.
The operation has been confirmed. There was no problem reading both CD and SACD.

The exterior is free of scratches and dirt
It is in a very beautiful state.

CD Transport With Two-Channel SACD Playback
Building upon their legacy of cutting-edge disc transports, digital-to-analog (DAC) converters and analog audio design, the Nº512 represents the state of the art in CD playback.
A memory buffer and a Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) circuit reduces jitter and allows for only one clock to control the internal timing of digital signals
24-bit D/A converters yield better signal-to-noise ratio and dynamic range
Completely separate power supplies for both the digital and analog circuitry
Two balanced XLR analog outputs
Two single-ended RCA analog outputs
Connects directly to a preamplifier or power amplifier
Two digital outputs – one AES (XLR) and one S/PDIF (RCA)


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