Mark Levinson No.326S


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Used Prices US$ 3300
Mark Levinson No.326S Used Preamp Descriptions : Comes with remote control, power cable,
Draber, hex wrench, instruction manual, original box. The exterior has some usability such as small scratches, but
There are no noticeable scratches that are of particular concern.

Mark Levinson No.326S line preamplifier Specifications :
Description: Two-channel, solid-state line preamplifier with remote control, optional phono stage, 3 pairs balanced inputs on XLRs, 4 pairs single-ended inputs on RCAs, 1 pair balanced main outputs on XLRs, 1 pair single-ended main outputs on RCAs, 2 pairs record outputs on RCAs, communication connections on 8-pin modular RJ-45 jacks, IR input and trigger output on 3.5mm phone jacks, and RS-232 on 6-pin RJ-11 jack. Maximum voltage gain: 0, 6, 12, or 18dB, individually selectable for each line input. Volume-control range: 80.0dB. Gain resolution: 0.1dB steps above 23.0 on display (–57dB), 1.0dB steps below 23.0 on display (–57dB). Frequency response: 10Hz–40kHz, ±0.2dB. Input overload: 1.6V on XLR, 800mV on RCA (18dB gain setting); 3.3V on XLR, 1.6V on RCA (12dB gain); 6.6V on XLR, 3.3V on RCA (6dB gain); 13.2V on XLR, 6.6V on RCA (0dB gain). Input impedance: 100k ohms. Output impedance: <50 ohms. THD+N: <0.001%. Channel separation, any input to any output, input terminated: >90dB. Residual noise, 20Hz–20kHz, input terminated: <–94dBV. Power consumption: 50W maximum.
Dimensions: 17.75″ (451mm) W by 2.915″ (74mm) H by 14.05″ (357mm) D. Shipping weight: 30 lbs (14kg).


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