Marantz Model 2 Vintage Tube Amplifier Pair


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Marantz Model 2 Used Prices US$ 7400
Comes with Original Power Amplifier documents, and Original Box, Return Terms 30 Days

Marantz Model 2 Informations :

The main body serial is 5710 and 5723.
Vacuum tubes used (for 2 units)
RCA 6CG7 x 2
GE 6AU4GTA x 4

When checking the operation, do it for a long time on both the left and right sides
It is in very good condition with almost no imbalance.

Most of the original parts of the capacitors remain.

We also considered complete maintenance by outsourcing,
This time it will be sold as it is.

* For the above reasons, it is a working product, but it is not covered by the warranty.

The exterior is in a very beautiful state considering the age,
We have all the original boxes from that time.

Marantz Model 1 is also on sale at the same time, so
We would appreciate it if you could consider it together.


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