Marantz Model 1 + 4 Vintage Record Equalizer


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Marantz Model 1 + 4 pair Record Equalizer Used Prices US$ 3900
Vintage Marantz

Model 1 body pair and Model 4 body pair.

The main body serial is 9086, 9087 serial number.

It seems that the vacuum tube has a long usage time, so
I think it’s time to replace it.
Two of them are Amperex 12AX7, but I took a picture,
The notation has faded and the manufacturer is unknown.

The operation has been confirmed.
The volume is starting to appear as a whole, but
If you think of it as a vintage item, I think it is acceptable.

Most of the original parts of the capacitors remain.

We also considered complete maintenance by outsourcing,
This time, we will sell it as it is.

* For the above reasons, it is a working product, but it is not covered by the warranty.

The exterior has scratches on the top plate, and one top plate fixing screw is missing, but
I think that it is in a very beautiful state if you consider the age.


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