Used Prices US$ 3400
LUXMAN MB-300 WE300B Vacumm Tube,
The operation has been confirmed.
On the exterior, small scratches can be seen on the front panel and transformer.
Also, on the upper part of the vacuum tube such as 300B,
Some discoloration can be seen with use.

There is a feeling of use over time, but
Other than the above, there are no noticeable scratches.

On-board vacuum tube
300B (WE)
12BH7 (GE)
Unknown (Unknown made in japan)
* The pre-tube should be 6AQ8, but the print has disappeared, so
It is unknown whether it is 6AQ8.

Both 300B serial numbers are 8413.
Regarding 300B on one side,
It is in a state where a rattling sound is heard when shaken.


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