LINN ARTIKULAT 350A (KLIMAX 350A upgrade) Used Prices US$ 9800
Comes with spikes, spike mounting brackets,Power cable, grill, ARTIKULAT 350A instruction manual.

The color will be a custom color ROSE high gloss finish.
KLIMAX 350A 2008,

There is no problem in terms of operation.
It is ringing with a good sound.
As for the exterior, there is a slight feeling of use and wiping marks on the whole.
There are no visible scratches and it is in a beautiful state.

Regarding the grill, the magnet on the top is a little badly attached to the main body,
When attached, only the top part will float from the main body.
Also, because the vinyl cover originally attached to the contact surface with the magnet body is missing,
It is a state where the magnet and the main body are in direct contact.

Although sold separately, LINN KLIMAX KONTROL (SE / DYNAMIC upgrade).
Please consider this opportunity as well.


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