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LINN AKURATE 242 – C5100 5WAY AK TIV Used Prices US$ 4000
Comes with AKURATE 242 speaker body pair, 2 C5100,
Speaker cable for active connection (K600, K400, 1.5m pair each),
Original box (speaker, amplifier, module),
RCA cable (LINN Analog Interconnect 1.2m 5 pairs),
Each accessory.

AKURATE242 accessories are
Instruction manual, jumper plate, bass reflex sponge,
Spike adjustment tool, etc.
The accessories of C5100 are
Instruction manual and power cable.

AKURATE 242 and C5100 are both genuine Linn JAPAN products.

Operation and sound output have been confirmed.
At that time, I had you see both C5100s, but it was said that there was no particular problem.
Currently it is sounding very good.

About the exterior
AKURATE 242 is
There are relatively large line scratches on the top plate on one side and the back.
Rust can be seen on the stands and spikes.
Although not shown in the image, there is one magnet on each side of the saran net,
It is in a state where it can be removed immediately.

C5100 is
There is a slight difference in the colors of the two power lamps.
One looks dark blue and the other looks a little light blue.
The GAIN knob cap on the back of one unit
There is no one.

Both C5100s are inside the knobs on the rear terminal.
You can see that it is slightly cracked, but there is no problem in turning it.
There is some usability in the main body, but
There are no noticeable scratches.


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