JBL Paragon


Used Prices US$  14000

JBL Paragon Mid-term speaker LE15A / 37 5/07 5 16Ω

The product is the main body only. It will be a medium-term model closer to the initial stage. Sound output has been confirmed. It is ringing with a good sound.

Woofer: LE15A (16Ω, Lansat Roy Edge) S / N 7582/7583
Driver: 375 (16Ω, flat back) S / N 5446/5445
Tweeter: 075 (16Ω) S / N 45887/45893
Network: LX5 S / N 10285/10284
Network: N7000 S / N 3797/3793
Horn: H5038P S / N 10217/10236

Body serial: 41088
Leg serial: 449/449 (re-engraved from 479 on both sides)
Main unit left and right serial: 479/479
Panel serial: 479

The exterior has a xylem chip on a part of the reflect panel,
It is in a relatively clean state without any other noticeable scratches or stains.


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