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JBL Olympus S8R USed Prices US$ 4100
Unit configuration, each serial number
C50 enclosure: 51690/51691
LE15A: 31790/32659
PR15: 22507/22540
375: 22199/22143
H93: 20318/20242
L91: 59674/59679
075: 119237/118214
N7000: 28490/28746
LX5: 32571/32569 Sound output has been confirmed. It is ringing with a good sound. The edges of LE15A have been replaced with chamois.
There is a missing item in the screw receiving bracket of LE15A and PR15,
There seems to be a crack near the screw holder of the baffle,
There is no problem holding both units.

375 has both sides sealed,
It is not possible to check the inside,
It is in a completely original state.

The wooden lattice has scratches on one surface,
There seems to be no missing parts.

There is a feeling of use over time as a whole,
Considering the number of years passed, it is in a beautiful state.


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