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JBL HARTSFIELD speaker 150-4C / 375 / N500H initial

The product is only the main body (pair). From unit specifications, mounting method, network location
It will be the early Heartsfield.
Sound output has been confirmed. It is ringing with a good sound.
The DC resistance value decreases over time, and there is a slight difference in volume between the left and right.
Partial shape, screw position, left and right, such as the bottom of the enclosure
There are some parts where the shape of the screws used is different.
We have prepared a lot of detailed images, so please check there.


Woofer: 150-4C (16Ω) S / N 505946/502826
Driver: 375 (bubble back, 16Ω, with seal) S / N 332/442
Network: N500H (16Ω specification) S / N 1509/1510
Horn lens: HL89 (H5039 + L5090, none labeled)
There are some chips and scratches on the exterior, but
Considering the model year, I think it will be a beautiful individual.
Each unit is also in a relatively clean state.

This product will be shipped by piano transportation due to its weight and size.


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