JBL 4344MK II speaker Pair


Used prices US$ 3200
Working properly. SOund is good.
The exterior has small scratches and scratches due to long-term use,
There are no extremely noticeable scratches or stains It is in a relatively beautiful state.

Scheme 4 ways, 4 loudspeaker bass-reflex scheme, and a bookshelf type
Unit etc. For low-pass: 38cm cone type (ME150HS)
For inside low-pass: 25cm cone type (2123H)
For mid-high ranges: +1 inch of 5cm driver (275Nd)
For high regions: Driver type (2405H)
Frequency characteristic 30Hz – 22kHz (-6dB)
Output sound pressure level 95dB/2.83V/m
Impedance 6ohms
Allowable input 200W(IEC)
Cross over frequency 340Hz, 1300Hz, 8000Hz
Dimensions Width 635x height 1051x depth 383(lens, grill included 435) mm
Weight 81.9kg



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