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Good Condition GOLDMUND EIDOS36-A
Working properly, comes with remote controller, power cable, Remote control charging adapter,
Instruction manual (English, Japanese translation), original box.
The exterior has less usability,
It is in a beautiful state for its age.
Please note that the Goldmund Eidos 36A is compatible with the following formats:
– Audio CD 12 and 8 cm size, single-sided.
– DVD – Audio
– MP3 CD

This GOLDMUND EIDOS36-A is perfect for technicians, musicians, or users who demands the very best in sound transcription,

You may decide the use of one of our separate D/A converters, such as the Goldmund Mimesis 20M.

The D/A converters built into the Eidos 36A, however, are a very high quality standard and are provided for use in most systems and especially for formats requesting them such
as SACD.

The power supply of your unit has been adjusted to operate with the AC voltage of your area. Check on the back panel of the unit if in any doubt.

If you move after purchasing the Universal player to an area using different mains voltage, do not forget to switch the back panel selector to the new voltage of your area.

The unit can operate at 50 or 60 Hz mains.


Please contact us for any questions about this GOLDMUND EIDOS36-A.


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