EMT 930st Turntable


BARCO / EMT 930st Turntable with TSD15 60Hz specification Used Prices US$ 5100
comes with instruction manual, power cable, connection cable x 2 (for RCA / XLR), cartridge (TSD15),
Equalizer (155st), suspension (930-900), custom acrylic dust cover,
Glass turntable, mounting bracket, original box.

The operation has been confirmed.
Normal speed was obtained at each rotation, and normal playback was possible.

The cartridge has some needle wear, but
I think you can use it for a while.

The connection cable comes with a custom-made XLR output and RCA.

The exterior has a feeling of use of the model year, but there is no peeling of the paint, etc.
There are no other noticeable scratches or stains.


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