EMT 930st 155st OFD25 Turntable


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EMT 930st 155st OFD25 Turntable Used Prices US$ 3800
Comes with power cable, Cartridge (OFD25), instruction manual.
Body model number EMT 930st
Tone arm 929
Cartridge OFS25 (monaural)
Equalizer 155st
It became a 50Hz specification, and there was no problem with each rotation.

There is no abnormality in the sound output of OFD25,
The 155st has a slight gully when operating the attenuator.
There is, but there is no particular problem in use.

The output terminal has been added, and with an XLR cable,
It is in the form of output.

The exterior has some usability, but
There are no big noticeable scratches or stains


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