EMT 927st


EMT 927st (Dst specification) 997 155st TSD15 with cabinet Used Prices US$ 19000
Comes with power cable, phono cable,
Stabilizer, 2 types of sub weight, bearing oil (new)
A dolly with wood cabinets and casters.
* All of them are shown in the image. Parts composition
Body model number EMT 927st (Dst specification)
Tone arm 997
Cartridge TSD15
The phono equalizer 155st bearing, platter, and upper platter are from the early model 927Dst.
The upper platter is made of glass.
The scale indicator also has a 1: 3 Dst specification.

It seems that the skeleton was 927st,
Since it is in a very beautiful state, there is a possibility of repainting.

When checking the operation, for several hours at all rotation speeds,
I checked the operation and there was no problem.
I was able to make fine adjustments using the brakes without any problems.

It is 50Hz specification,
The idler was replaced with a new one about 3 years ago.

The squealing rubber that goes around the platter
Since it was deteriorating, I replaced it with a new one.

The oil in the bearing is currently new
We support auditioning,
TSD15 has a very short usage time,
There is no problem with sound output. The operation of 155st is also good.

The origin of the wood cabinet is unknown,
It fits well and is subjective, but I think the result is quite good.

Considering the age of the exterior, I think it is in a very beautiful condition.

Because it is an expensive product,
For shipping to other addresses,
There is a trade-off such as the application of transportation insurance, so
We would appreciate it if you could consult us in advance before purchasing.

We will take all possible safety measures for packaging.

Piano transporters, etc.
We recommend a safe shipping method, although it is expensive.

If you have any other questions, we will answer as much as we can understand.


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