EMT 927st Turntable with Custom Stand


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Beautiful EMT 927st 997 TSD15 155 Turntable with custom stand.

The product is the main body, tone arm (EMT 997), equalizer (EMT 155 ST)
Cartridge (TSD15 round needle), base, stand (Andante Largo custom-made product), oil,
Idler (unused spare), power cable, phono cable (2),

Conversion plug for phono cable, acrylic turntable cover (custom product),
Lateral weights (2 pcs), arm end screws (spare), lead wires (spare).
It is a parallel import product 117V specification.

The specifications of cables and the dimensions of the main body are as follows.
Please forgive some errors in dimensions.

【power cable】
Cable: Nanotec Systems MUSIC STRADA G.S. # 79 nano3
Plug: National WF5018
[Phono Cable 1]
Plug: audio-technica model number unknown
[Phono Cable 2]
Cable: Manufacturer, model number unknown
Body dimensions: W790 x D625 x H600 (including base and stand)

Deterioration is seen in the rubber of the turntable crying stop and the rubber of the base column.
In addition, the rod-shaped rubber attached to the pillar of the base is partially broken and lost.

It seems that there is uneven operation due to the decrease in temperature.
(Confirmed by the previous owner).

The scale does not work.
Other operations are fine.

The exterior has scratches, dirt, rust, etc. due to the specifications.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this EMT 927st Turntable.


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