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Used Prices US$ 4400
The EAR Paravicini 312 Control Centre Solid Statement preamp Comes with instruction manual, and power cable.The power cable seems to be a non-genuine product.

The operation has been confirmed.
There is no gully on the knob,
It is in good condition.
For the exterior there are no noticeable scratches.

Type: Solid-state pre-amplifier with built-in MM/MC phono stage.
Inputs: Eight line inputs plus tape monitor circuit Transformer coupled. Balanced and unbalanced operation.
Phonostage: “Class-A” with MC step stage said to be equal in performance to the Yoshino MC3 transformer. RIAA accuracy accurate to +/-0.3dB
Frequency Response (at 1V output): 3Hz to 40kHz (-2dB).
Gain: Maximum line stage gain of 20dB
Signal To Noise (Phono): 68dB
Dimensions: 12″ x 17″ x 6″ (DxWxH)
Weight: 35 lbs.


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