CELLO Audio Suite Preamp For Sale (repair needed)


CELLO Audio Suite For Sale – Need to repair.



Manufacturer model number: CELLO Audio Suite
Condition rank: C
Operation: Defective
Accessories: Power supply, connection cable, set of accessories shown in the image
Original box: None
Maintenance history: unknown
Owner history: unknown
Our guarantee: None
Manufacturer’s warranty: None
There is noise and distortion.
The effectiveness of the balance dial is weak.
There are no major scratches on the exterior.

Built-in module

*The above description was confirmed at the time of sale. Even if it differs from the explanation, the current situation will be given priority.
*We will not accept any requests for warranty after purchase due to the reason that the product is not as described.
Regarding products without warranty

CELLO Audio Suite User Manual Datasheet PDF :

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