B&W Signature Diamond limited natural Speaker Black Finish


B&W Signature Diamond Used Prices US$6100.

Comes with spike set, jumper cable,
Bass reflex sponge, instruction manual, original box.
One cap is missing to cover the banana plug part.

Operation has been confirmed.
It is ringing with a good sound.

The exterior is in a state where the metal of the grill part has a slight dent.
A little green rust is seen on the metal of the jumper cable.
You can see the white turbidity on the top plate.

There are no other noticeable scratches or damage, and it is in a relatively beautiful state.
Review : https://hometheaterreview.com/bw-signature-diamond-loudspeakers-reviewed/
More Used B&W : https://www.dealhomeaudio.com/?s=B%26w


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