BBC MONITOR LS3/1 Vintage Speaker 1961 Great Conditions



BBC MONITOR LS3/1 Speakers Used Prices US$ 3250
The woofer is a Goodmans model number unknown 15 inch,
Impedance is 15Ω.

The tweeter seems to be BCS 1852 from GEC.

sound output has been confirmed. It is ringing with a very good sound.

As for the exterior, a twist is seen in the saran net on one side.
The color of the woofer cone paper is different on the left and right.
In addition, a wrinkle is seen in the edge, No issues with sound output.
The rear terminal seems to be an aftermarket one.

Such as scratches on the surface of the enclosure, The usability by the aging is seen,
There are no other particularly noticeable scratches.

Size: W457 x D300 x H760 (mm)
Weight: about 29kg

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