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Used Prices US$ 4800

The products are the main body (pair) and the custom-made network (pair). It will be a consumer model of A7 of the same manufacturer.
All internal units are ALTEC Green 16Ω. Unit configuration
Woofer unit 416A
Driver 802D
Horn 511B
Network N500-E

Sound output operation has been confirmed. It is ringing with a good sound.
The color and shape of the cone paper, gasket, and center cap of the woofer unit
The left and right are different, but I didn’t feel a big difference in the special sound output.

The exterior has one crack in the leg.
There are some feelings of use, small scratches, and places with stickers on the whole, but
There are no noticeable scratches, and although it is subjective, I think it is in a fairly beautiful state.
There are some small scratches on the grid, and there are no cracks.


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