ALTEC A5 For Sale Pair Great Sound

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ALTEC A5 For Sale Vintage Pair Prices US$ 3000


Vintage Altec Speaker.  :

Enclosure: 825B (with casters)
Woofer: 515B
Driver: 288-16G
Horn: 311-90
Network: N-500F-A

At the time of checking the sound output, there was a gully in the attenuator of the network.
There are no other problems, and it sounds good.

Please contact us for any question about this vintage ALTEC A5 825B 288-16G 311-90 N-500F-A speaker pair.

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1 review for ALTEC A5 For Sale Pair Great Sound

  1. Lim Teow Tiong

    My Favorite speaker

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