ALTEC 612A Silver box 605B


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ALTEC 612A (pair) Silver box Original box 605B Speaker pair
Enclosure (821C), 38 cm diameter cone type woofer (803A) x 2, compression driver (802C)
, Network (N-800-D)
External dimensions: Approximately W1080 x H1200 x 733 mm

Sound output has been confirmed.
When checking the sweep sound, there was distortion in the low range when the output was large.
There is a cut in a part of the cone of one woofer.
I didn’t notice any noticeable problems when playing the music.

The exterior has scratches and paint pain,
Considering the age, it is reasonable.
The screws on the back plate (one side plus the other side minus) are different on the left and right.
(There are 2 places where the screws are broken into the back screw holes, and the screws cannot be inserted. Also, 5 places are replaced with new screws.)


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