Acoustic Revive XLR-absolute-FM 1M cable Sale with original box


Acoustic Revive XLR-absolute-FM 1M Pair Sale Used Prices US$ 4500


Return 14 days Accepted. Comes with original box.
Continuity has been confirmed.
The exterior is a relatively clean item with no noticeable scratches.

Highest quality signal cable Acoustic Revive XLR Absolute FM
PC-Triple/EX developed by FCM and Promotion Works is an epoch-making product in which the crystal structure of both silver and copper is continuous in the lateral direction in which the current flows while firmly integrating the 5N grade silver and copper by the forging process. It is a conductor. It is not an exaggeration to say that the conductivity has reached 105% IACS, which is really superconducting. ACOUSTIC REVIVE adopts this PC-Triple C/EX as a single wire with maximum diameter of production limit. It has enabled unprecedented transmission speed and ultra wide range playback.

*PC-Triple C® is a registered trademark of FCM Co., Ltd. and Promotion Works Co., Ltd.

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