Accuphase C-2800 Preamplifier Used For Sale


Accuphase C-2800 Used Sale Prices US$ 3600

Very good condition Precision Stereo  Accuphase C-2800 Preamplifier ,
Comes with remote control, instruction manual, power cable,
It is an RCA cable. The operation has been confirmed.
The exterior has no noticeable scratches or stains
It is in a beautiful state.

Revolutionary AAVA volume control
Printed circuit boards using Teflon base with low dielectric constant and low loss
Separate R-toroidal transformers for left and right channels
Fully modular construction with individual amplifier units for each stage
Logiccontrolled relays for shortest signal paths
Optional analog record playback capability
Massive cabinet of natural persimmons wood.

Please contact us for any questions about this Accuphase C-2800 Preamplifier.

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