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Western Electric 49 preamp pair, Working good conditions. Operation has been confirmed. The exterior has scratches, dirt, and rust due to long-term use. It has been repainted. On-board vacuum tube Western Electric 239A 2 each Western Electric 49 Used Prices Sale US$ 8800 pair

SHINDO LABORATORY 300B single power amplifier Used Prices US$ 4100 The operation has been confirmed. I was able to make sound without any problems. The transformer in the center of the main body has been changed to the transformer used in the company’s Limited model. (There is no special notation for specification changes.) The speaker […]

Westrex RA-1554B Used Prices US$ 2380 The operation has been confirmed. There is a slight noise on one channel. The internal configuration is Attenuator: TECH LAB PK-3 22 x 2 Input transformer: Westrex P-901 20 × 2 Output transformer: Westrex P-901 21 × 2 Vacuum tube GE 12AY7 × 2 RCA 12BH7A x 2 Western […]

Shindo Laboratory 300B

Used Prices US$ 5000 – Shindo Laboratory 300B Single Power Amplifier STC 4300A The vacuum tube used is on one side STC 4300A SYLVANIA 274B Western Electric 310A (lot number left and right 6452) United Electron 311A It will be one for each. The exterior has a feeling of use and stains depending on the […]