Ayre V-1x

Ayre V-1x Power Amplifier Killer Amp


Ayre V-1x power amplifier with original box, used Prices US$ 2800 Working good conditions, comes with he power cable, and the original box. Operation has been confirmed. Although the exterior has scratches and dirt associated

Ayre KX-R Twenty

Ayre KX-R Twenty Preamp Perfect Conditions On Sale


Ayre KX-R Twenty Used Prices US$ 9900, Comes with remote controller, power cable, and instruction manual. This product has been upgraded from KX-R to KX-R Twenty. The operation has been confirmed. The exterior has some

Ayre MX R BLACK power amplifier 1

Ayre MX-R BLACK power amplifier


Ayre MX-R BLACK power amplifier. Comes with power cable, case, and instruction manual. The operation has been confirmed. There are no small scratches or stains on the exterior due to use, There were no noticeable